Now available as a snap package

DataExplore is now available as a snap package.

What are snaps?

Traditionally linux has been split into distributions that use different systems for managing packages. The package manager handles install and removal of all applications. Ubuntu uses apt, which is based on the debian package format, fedora uses rpms and there are several others. The systems work well but are painful for developers since they have to make separate types of packages for their software and they are hard to learn. With snaps you can build a package that has all the required bits. The process is easy compared to building other package formats. It should work on any linux system that supports snap. Snaps have other benefits including improved security through app isolation and updates can be released at any time direct from the developer. They are hosted on the Ubuntu store also. Snaps can be used in Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Solus, Arch and other distros.

How to install

You can install snaps by first installing snapd, then running sudo snap install <package>. In Ubuntu you can go to the software centre and search for the application you want, those using snaps will also be available.

You can install dataexplore using

sudo snap install dataexplore

The version available will be the latest based on the current github version.

uappexplorer page

Published: September 14 2017