A web application for visualizing MHC binding predictions

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Note that this program is no longer maintained. Users should try the epitopepredict software instead.

This is a web interface for running and visualising epitope predictions (currently MHC binding) and allows integrated analysis for entire proteomes. The application is built on the web2py platform.


This application has been built and tested on the Ubuntu Linux operating system. web2py and the required Python dependencies are available on both Windows and Mac OSX also but these have not been properly tested yet. We therefore currently recommend running this web app on a linux OS. To install:

  • Install web2py, which can be downloaded here
  • Unzip web2py and place in the folder where you wish to run it
  • Download the epitopemap files as zip or tarball
  • Unzip epitopemap and place under web2py/applications
  • Start the server: move the script startepitopeapp.sh to web2py folder and run it
  • Go to http://localhost/epitopemap in your browser